Saturday, November 24, 2012

Julius Caesar - Act One

I saw Shakespeare’s work through movie instead of plays, because I watched Romeo and Juliet and never read plays before. So I’ll try my best to make a review about his work.

I am currently reading Julius Caesar, and i hope it’s a good choice to start. Try to read Plays in language other than my mother language is really intimidating so i read it through No Fear Shakespeare, because it helps me to understand the original text.

The Play start with two Tribunes, Flavius and Murellus, who condemn the commoners, a carpenter and cobbler for what they’ve done. They just cheered for Caesar’s triumph. In the first scene, I already see a hatred for Caesar. At last, I know they fear the possibility that Caesar may soon become a king of Rome. I wonder why those people have so much hatred for Caesar. Is this because of Caesar’s character? I don’t have the answer yet.

This hatred becomes more interesting in 2nd scene while a conversation between Caius Cassius and Marcus Brutus. Brutus is a noble man, he loves Caesar, but he puts honor above all. Cassius knows Brutus’s sense of honor and he uses it to lead him to believe that Caesar has become too powerful and it makes him more dangerous. In this 2nd scene, there is a part when I found Caesar’s character and how he treats a friend.

Forget not in your speed, Antonius, to touch Calphurnia, for our elders say the barren, touched in his holy chase, shake off their sterile curse.
I shall remember. When Caesar says, “do this”, it is performed.

You can see it right? It happens before he becomes a king and how will that be when he’s a king? That’s what Cassius afraid off. As Cassius hate him, Caesar shows much hatred as Cassius does.

(Aside to Antony) Let me have men about me that are fat, sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.

Caesar refused a crown offered by Antony and it makes people praise him more. Caesar just gets people attention, but as I saw, Cassius also just take a place in Brutus’s head. He was gathering followers. And just like that, the conspiracy begins.

I thought Julius Caesar was a good choice as a start to know Shakespeare, except for the metaphor. I already done with act one and I found some characters I didn’t like. Cassius really have a talent to persuade people but I thought he’s not smart like Cicero. Cassius has no courage to face Caesar alone. That’s why he needs Brutus, Cicero and other Noble man to be his hands. I love Brutus, but I am wondering, will he join the conspiracy?