Friday, November 15, 2013

2013 Christmas Reads

Hi everyone Christmas is on the way, have you prepare for it? Have you plan your holiday or your costume or cakes or Christmas trees or maybe books? I don’t have the plan yet for costume or cakes but as well as this post published, I have a plan for Christmas Reads. This event hosted by Maria @HobbyBuku, you can find the master post here, read the master post for further information about this event. 

So what is the Christmas Reads? This event invites us to make a list of books that we would like to read during Christmas time. So this is my list:

On Christmas Eveby Ann M. Martin 
Christmas Mystery by Jostein Gaarder (Book from my Santa)

And if there is enough time, I will add Through a Glass Darkly by Jostein Garden to my Christmas Reads. I intentionally bought those three books for this event on my last trip, I hope I could enjoy it. 

So, make your list for Christmas Reads and let's welcoming Christmas with wonderful stories.