Monday, December 28, 2015

Wrap-Up Reading Activity 2015

Arriving at the 28th day of December means this wonderful year is really coming to an end. Grateful for everything happened throughout the year and looking forward for more surprises next year will give to me but most of all gratified for keeping my reading habit till the end of the year tho I couldn't manage to complete all the challenge I've been joined on early 2015. So I guess it is time to wrap up everything I've been doing and maybe make a wish for next year resolution. 

I only joined two reading challenges this year and I totally failed. It has been two years in a row I failed in all my reading challenges, so I guess I am not going to join any reading challenge next year, but as I only have read few of Indonesian Literature, I will give myself a chance to read up to 4 Indonesian Literature books, I have some title in mind but let me just pick it up when the time comes next year. 

So, happy holiday fellas, and may your shelve always overflow with books and your mind always has the best imagination from all the story you've read. 


  1. samaa, rc gua juga pada berguguran di tengah jalan XD bacanya sih masih jalan terus cuma update rc-nya yang suka males :p